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By: Anders, Curt

Price: $3.79

Publisher: Dorset Press: 1968, 1990

Seller ID: 3523

314 pages; The great miitary commanders of the Confederate States of America. Includes: Jefferson Davis, Joseph E. Johnston, Nathan Bedford Forrest, J. E. B. Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee. Also includes maps. View more info

LAMB'S WARRIOR The Life of Isaac T. Hopper

By: Bacon, Margaret Hope

Price: $13.99

Publisher: Thomas Y. Crowell Company: 1970

Seller ID: 5231

Ex-Library; 207 pages; A biography of the Quaker abolitionist who devoted his life to the defense of freedmen and escaping slaves. When Isaac was a 16 year old tailor's apprentice in Philadelphia he hekped a fugitive slave to escape. It was the beginning of a long and valued life of service. Before the Civil War he devoted himself and became a famous waystation in the Underground Railroad. View more info


By: Betz, Eva K.

Price: $7.49

Publisher: Bruce Publishing Company: 1961

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 181

Catholic Treasury Books; Ex-Library; 8vo; 148 pages View more info


By: Catton, Bruce

Price: $6.99

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company: 1968, 1969

Seller ID: 4616

556 pages View more info

GLORY ROAD The Bloody Route from Fredericksburg to Gettysburg

By: Catton, Bruce

Price: $4.99

Publisher: Doubleday & Company: 1952

Seller ID: 4629

Ex-Library; 389 pages View more info


By: Catton, Bruce

Price: $4.95

Publisher: American Heritage Publishing Company: 1963

Seller ID: 1851

American Heritage Junior Library; Ex-Library; 4to 11" - 13" tall; 153 pages View more info

A SEPARATE BATTLE Women and the Civil War

By: Chang, Ina

Price: $2.99

Publisher: 1991

Seller ID: 4471

103 pages; A Separate Battle uses diaries, letters, and photographs to show how women influenced the course of the Civil War. They became nurses, formed aid societies, became spies and couriers and some even posed as male soldiers and fought on the battlefield. View more info


By: F. Van Wyck Mason

Price: $0.99

Publisher: J. B. Lippincott: 1951

Seller ID: 1451

8vo; 193 pages; Novel about the naval war between the confederacy and the north. View more info

THE CIVIL WAR Battlefields and Campgrounds in the Art of Winslow Homer

By: Grossman, Julian

Price: $7.95

Publisher: Abradale Press: 1991

Seller ID: 430

8vo; 204 pages; Previously published as Echo of a Distant Drum. From the Dust Jacket: "Here is the first comprehensive volume of [Winslow] Homer's Civil War art to be published... [It] includes virtually his entire artistic production from 1861 to 1865 in all mediums - oils, drawings, watercolors, wood engravings, and lithographs, superbly reproduced and accompanied by battle maps, contemporary photographs... Illuminating commentaries... [The] battleground became bo... View more info


By: Haskell, Frank A

Price: $2.49

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company: 1957, 1958

Seller ID: 4527

Ex-Library; 169 pages View more info

THE CIVIL WAR Over 100 Questions and Answers to Things You Want to Know

By: Hook, Jason

Price: $4.95

Publisher: Paragon Publishing: 2000

Seller ID: 2367

32 pages View more info


By: Nichols, Alice

Price: $5.99

Publisher: Oxford University Press: 1954

Edition: Second Printing

Seller ID: 556

8vo; 307 pages View more info


By: Nolan, Jeannette C

Price: $12.99

Publisher: Julian Messner, Inc.: 1949, 1950

Edition: Third Printing

Seller ID: 6437

Messner Biographies; Ex-Library; 8vo; 178 pages View more info


By: Palmer, Bruce

Price: $4.95

Publisher: The MacMillan Company: 1965

Seller ID: 3418

Macmilliam Battle Books; Ex-Library; 96 pages View more info


By: Pratt, Fletcher

Price: $4.99

Publisher: Garden City: 1955

Seller ID: 5890

256 pages View more info

SPIES AND TRAITORS Tales of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars

By: Raskin, Joseph and Edith

Price: $3.89

Publisher: William Morrow: 1976

Seller ID: 5293

Ex-Library; 144 pages; This is a great book for youngsters with 11 stories about "the amazing exploits of young men and women spies of two very important wars. Persons mentioned include: Lydia Darragh, Thomas Nelson Conrad, Elizabeth Van Lew, etc View more info

A NATION TORN The Story of How the Civil War Began

By: Ray, Delia

Price: $2.99

Publisher: Scholastic: 1990

Seller ID: 4472

102 pages View more info

GENTLE ANNIE The True Story of a Civil War Nurse

By: Shura, Mary Francis

Price: $2.95

Publisher: Scholastic: 1991

Seller ID: 185

Ex-Library; 8vo; 184 pages View more info


By: Sobol, Donald J.

Price: $5.95

Publisher: Platt & Munk, Publishers: 1960

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 889

8vo; 216 pages; This is a book with 50 short biographies about famous men and women of the Civil War. 25 from the North, 25 from the South. Some of them all but forgotton but not in this book. View more info

THIS WOUNDED LAND The Era of Reconstruction 1865-1877

By: Werstein, Irving

Price: $4.50

Publisher: Delacorte Press: 1968

Seller ID: 4866

Ex-Library; 167 pages View more info